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In my understanding of humanity, there are three types of people. First, there are those who deny the existence of a problem. Second, there are those who exist in a constant state of fear, bombarding everyone with doomsday scenarios. Third, there are those who recognize a problem and seek to find a solution. Which type are you?…


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My experience at The Drip Room in Scottsdale, AZ

The Drip Room room is not your average bar. It’s an I.V. bar. The Drip Room provides I.V. (intravenous) vitamin therapy for health and wellness, but the experience you’ll have at The Drip Room is as comfortable as that of a regular cocktail bar. 

I was in Scottsdale recently and was staying walking distance from The Drip Room, which a few of my colleagues had told me about.  I decided to give The Drip Room a try, especially after doing a little bit of research and finding this article…I mean, a deer’s head, an I.V. and beats by dre headphones? 

Upon arriving at The Drip Room, I was immediately impressed by the decor (I’m a girl, we notice these things). I was greeted by someone standing at the front with an iPad, who asked me for some basic information before they seated me in one of the comfortable lounge/massage chairs. I filled out some additional information on the iPad, including medical history, current medications, etc. Then, Dr. Cameron came over to sit down with me to review The Drip Room menu and answer any questions. Together, we decided that I should go for the energy drip, though I’ll admit I was torn between that and the anti-aging drip. There’s also the weight loss drip, the mega-vitamin drip, the immunity drip, the extreme party drip, a b12 shot, oxygen aroma therapy….the list goes on. 

5 days later I can’t remember exactly what was in my energy drip, but Dr. Cameron did review all of the ingredients with me before we began, and I know it included several vitamins. After the I.V. was setup, I sat comfortably for about 30 minutes as the energy cocktail dripped into my bloodstream. Sounds ominous, but I assure you it was relaxing and went by super quick. Between the massage chair, the conversation with the staff & other Drip Room clients, and the giant flat screen, it was like we were all sitting in a bar, or maybe even a living room at someone’s home. The guy sitting to my left had just been to Coachella, the big music and arts festival in Southern California, and was clearly detoxing and hydrating after a big weekend. The woman across from me was a client who frequents The Drip Room in preparation for her second wedding, and she swears the drips have made her more beautiful by improving her overall complexion.

After bandaging up my arm with a Drip Room sweatband and giving me a bottle of cold water, I headed out to run some errands and do a little bit of exploring. As Dr. Cameron had informed me, I didn’t feel wired, I just felt more like myself. I was energized in a calm sense, and despite the fact that my body was still in a different time zone and I had traveled across the country the day before, I didn’t feel a bit fatigued.  

Whether or not this method of vitamin therapy is more effective than a others (such as one-a-day vitamin pills) remains to be seen, but I can attest to the experience of this method, which somehow turned being stuck by a needle into a relaxing, almost fun, experience. 

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Meet, Natalie Garramone. Yogi. Consultant. Facilitator. Speaker. 

While there’s no formula to generating great insight on command, there are numerous ways - and endless data to support them - to enhance the mind’s ability to operate with clarity, focus, and to generate those ‘aha’ moments with greater frequency. Insert Natalie - the person capable of leading an audience through a series of exercises that create links between simple physical modifications and the mind’s ability to generate worthwhile activity.



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Last week, Frontier Live teamed up with Frontier Culture to host an offsite in the great city of New Orleans. We augmented the executive development imperative (Culture) with on-the-ground experiences that included a jazz lunch, discussions with local writers and authors, museum visits, and a whisky dinner with one of the best bartenders in town. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But New Orleans proved to be an incredibly rich environment for learning. The city has been through a decade+ of hard times, redevelopment, reinvention, and is now on the upswing. New businesses are starting up all over town, and 8% of the current population are expats who’ve relocated to New Orleans from cities like New York and San Francisco. We heard more than once that New Orleans is the best it’s been in a long time. 

There’s a lot to learn from that.

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